The Skin House
ڬ Ҭ֬߬լ

֬۬ܬڬ Ҭ֬߬ The Skin House Ҭ ٬լѬ 2011 Ԭլ Ѭڬ ܬެѬ߬ڬ Noksibcho ֬Ԭլ߬ ֬լݬѬԬѬ֬ ӬܬܬѬ֬Ӭ֬߬߬ ܬެ֬ڬܬ. ݬѬӬ߬ ѬӬڬݬ ܬެѬ߬ڬ ڬѬ ڬ֬ެ ߬, ڬ߬ ֬ڬڬܬѬ Good Manufacturing Practice. ֬Ԭ ٬ լӬ Ԭլ լܬڬ Ӭݬ ߬ ެ֬جլ߬Ѭլ߬ ߬, ٬ѬӬ֬ӬѬݬ ڬ٬߬Ѭ߬ڬ ݬҬӬ ܬѬ֬ݬ֬. Ѭ٬ӬѬ߬ڬ ެѬܬ ֬֬Ӭլڬ ܬѬ լ ܬجڡ .. ֬լݬѬԬѬ֬ެ ܬެѬ߬ڬ֬ ֬լӬ Ҭ߬ Ҭ֬֬ڬ ܬج ܬԬݬ߬ . Ԭެ߬ Ӭ߬ڬެѬ߬ڬ The Skin House լ֬ݬ֬ ٬լѬ߬ڬ ܬެ֬ڬܬ, Ѭ֬ݬ߬ լҬڬѬ ݬܬ ڬլ߬ ڬ߬Ԭ֬լڬ֬߬. ֬լӬ Ҭ֬٬Ѭ߬, ԬڬѬݬݬ֬Ԭ֬߬߬ լլ լѬج ֬߬ ӬӬڬ֬ݬ߬ ܬج.

The Skin House Video